I am so behind… I would love to post the New York adventures, but it’s taking a great deal of time to get everything figured out with pictures and videos.   I have thought many times of things I’d just like to spill on here, and the NY stuff always made me stop – I’m very orderly, and so the idea of “skipping over” something doesn’t usually fly.

On that note, I’ll be skipping over the NY stuff.

Having kids is the craziest thing in the world.  I don’t even have them yet, but being a nanny gives you glimpses into that world.  I absolutely love Max and Lil.  Max is 5 and Lil is 3 and they are full of crazy personality.  God teaches me something about Himself and our relationship almost every day through these children.  It seems almost selfish to say that – but I get a lot out of caring for them.

So today, Lil and I were hanging out in the back square (A block of cement does not qualify as a backyard.  This area is really more just an extension of the driveway).  We were sharing starbursts and M&Ms and discussing the wedding… that is, I was asking Lil questions and hoping that her answers would be somehow laced with divine intervention.  Needless to say, according to her divine-child wisdom, I need to get married in October, my bridesmaid dresses need to be pink, white, and yellow, Max loves mice, she will not wear a crown, and she loves her mother.

As I pondered the idea of what I could only imagine as being strawberry banana milkshake dresses, I saw Lil accidentally drop her starburst on the ground.  She gasped and promptly picked it up.  Then she held it at arm’s length from her face and started blowing into the air.. 1, 2, 3, 4 puffs.  Then she brought it to her mouth and popped it on in.

I am pretty sure that her puffing did nothing to rid the candy from the dirt and grit that it had made contact with.  But it was neat to see that she did it anyway… she couldn’t have grasped the purpose of the concept completely or else she would have brushed it off more properly.  But she did it anyway.  Right now, that action doesn’t have an effect – the dirt is still on there.  If Lil, as she gets older, doesn’t acknowledge the purpose behind the action, then that puffing will continue to be ineffective.  However, if she keeps doing it, it’s more than likely that one day she’ll think about it, why she’s doing it, and realize that the point is to get the dirt off. She’ll be able to examine her candy when she puffs on it and know that the purpose has been fulfilled when the dirt is gone.

How different is it when I walk with God?  I can be doing things He tells me to do and those things can be ineffective if I don’t understand the purpose behind them.  However, that doesn’t mean I stop doing them just because I don’t get it.  I keep doing it and growing and seeking to acknowledge the PURPOSE behind God’s instruction.  And when I get to the point of recognizing the purpose, I will be effective as I follow through with the same action that I had developed as a habit from the start.  I’ll benefit from it, or benefit others, as God has called me to do.  It’s good to know that I might not get it right away, but that it can come in time.