Sunday morning: Martha and Mike stop getting along.   We go to Starbucks once again.  Tom feels comfortable enough around me to read my journal.


Sunday midday: John’s Pizza.  We have found fierce competition for Famiglia’s.   Martha and I have a lamppost photo op moment.


Central Park:  We learn that Tom and Martha are quite natural in front of the camera.  Very pretty people.


Central Park (cont.):  We are faced with the challenge of being as beautiful as Tom and Martha.  We discover that Martha is an excellent photographer and that if she takes hundreds of the same shot, she is able to get some natural-looking poses.


Leaving the city: It SNOWS. 5 seconds later, the snow turns into a white hurricane – a phenomenon defined by northerners as a small “blizzard”.  This phenomenon immediately distinguishes the southerners from the northerners in the state:

Northerners: 10 layers and a thick jacket.  All dark clothes.  Cursing at the weather.  Continuing to go about their business.

Southerners: 1 thin jacket over a t-shirt.  Shivering like mad as they frolic joyously down the street, taking pictures of any dark objects to make for a backdrop for the snow.  Curious as to why the entire city has not shut down completely due to the sighting of flurries.

Sunday night:  Snow delays flights and we stare at angry passengers in the airport.  The choice entertainment for the night is pictionary. Our flight is delayed because they can’t locate our crew.  Bad weather, threats of turbulence,  and all but one runway closed due to wind.  Still, we make it home safe.

Amazing trip. Great times.  I love New York.  I love friends.  I love Mike so much.  That’s about all.