Videos will come later when my computer stays connected long enough to load them.  Until then, here is a lengthy summary of the goings on in the Big Apple:


The flight to New York:  I learn about Mike’s fear of flying.  Mike learns that I don’t listen to the flight attendants as they instruct us to turn off electric devices.  I inform Mike that my camera won’t cause the plane to crash.  Mike informs me that if the plane does crash and we live, he will kick my butt.


Arrival in New York:  Our hotel is an upgrade from last year’s hostel, in that it has a view that is not a brick wall and a TV with 5 channels.  We go to the famous Famiglia’s for dinner, a place which is said to be New York’s favorite pizza.


Saturday morning: Where we are, and why we are there… =)


Subway:  Tom and Martha, our wonderful friends. We enjoy awkward subway rides in which our individualistic culture is forced to break the barriers of its isolation bubble.


Lunch:  VERY cozy diner.  The kitchen help is a little too friendly.  We walk around New York City and it is glorious.