Saturday midday: New York’s form of resuscitation, and entertainment: A live statue that only moves when you pay her.


New York movie:  Seeing Cloverfield in New York makes it more real.  Queasy stomachs make it impossible for Mike and me to enjoy the whole thing.  We go to Starbucks and read the ending off Wikipedia from Mike’s trusty iPhone.  Martha and Tom go see Spamelot with special guest, Clay Aiken.


NY Starbucks: Friends. Cold. New York.  Love. Joy. Laughter.


Saturday afternoon: Discussions in Starbucks over the 182 uses of the iPhone in New York which make it oh so handy.  Mike enjoys a Sabrett hot dog.


Saturday night:  Ted’s Montana Grill.  Astounding Food.  Amazing Service.  A free cookie because Mike and I are engaged.  I tell Tom to take my ring and propose to Martha so we can get more free stuff.  He does not listen to me.