This is for those of you who do not look at Mike’s blog or Scott Piner’s blog, really. 🙂

Mike and I are lucky enough to be using a friend of ours as the photographer of our wedding; Scott Piner.  This past Saturday he and his wife, Donna, took us out for our engagement pictures.  We had a great time trying out some new places they had scouted out, and it didn’t take long at all to get used to the camera clicking every now and then.  They made it so easy for us!  After the pictures it was out to dinner at La Costa, chatting for a couple of hours with the Piners as a tremendous storm passed through our area.  Thanks again, Scott and Donna, for a very fun afternoon.

To find the link to our slideshow, you need to go visit Scott’s blog (ours is posted March 17th) at

To check out more of Scott’s work, go to

If anyone is looking for a photographer, be sure to check out Scott Piner!   He is absolutely incredible and wonderful to work with.  We are so lucky to be able to use him for our wedding.

5 months until I get to marry the amazing (and whew! very attractive) man in those pictures.  I’ll be counting down the days.

And by the by… music is a wonder.  It makes this messy life so, so sweet.