If you check out Tom’s blog, he was discussing books he wants to read (that was a very short summary of what he was discussing).  It’s interesting, because I’ve recently realized how much I want to be reading as well.

I’ve always loved to read, though I tend to go through phases… sometimes, it’s impossible for me to get my nose out of a book.  Other times, I wonder how it’s possible to find more than 5 spare minutes to read.  But regardless of which phase I am in, I always desire to read.  I love anything, preferably fiction, but I’ve gotten into non-fiction books as well.  My problem these days is that I start a book, stick a bookmark into it, then don’t pick it up again for months.

Here’s the thing.  Once I came to college, I saw many people reading and then underlining and writing pages of journal notes on one quoted section.  I picked up the habit, and it’s helpful for pulling extra insight from the passages.  But to be honest, every book feels choppy because I take so long journaling on one section that I can’t read more, and so I just get bits and pieces every few days, days when I can find enough time to read a passage AND journal about it.

I remember when I used to just read.  I would read and not journal, and I’d read for hours.  It could be fiction or non-fiction, helpful or simply for enjoyment.  I want to go back to that, because I like it a lot.  I have to return to reading for pleasure.

So that’s what I’m doing.  Step one is to take the bookmarks out of all my books.  I can’t aspire to read every single book in my room that I haven’t read yet.  When I do, I just start all of them and never finish.  Then in the end, I’m exactly what Tom described – the person who reads the same 12 books over and over again.  Other than those, I can say with confidence that I’ve only read the first chapter of every other book I own.

As I was saying, I’m taking the bookmarks out of my books.  I’m going to find time to read.  I’m going to stop reading with the intention of writing “inspiring journal entries” about the book.  And here’s another thing I’m going to do… I’m only going to read one book.  Just one.  I’m going to read it, then finish it, then move to the next one.  I can’t wait.  I love reading.  And with the end of school right around the corner, it’s time to re-prioritize my time, and reading will be on that priority list.

The book I’m reading right now?  The Shack.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  So far, awesome.