Today has been a really cool day, actually, but it’s 11:54pm so I will have to save the story for another time, if it comes to mind again.

The reason I’m still up is because I’m talking to Martha, looking at bridesmaid dresses and discussing colors.  I cannot express how much I appreciate her because she tells me what I need to hear to keep me trucking rather than turning into a basket case, regardless of whether or not progress is being made.  The neat thing is, progress was made tonight, at least I feel like it was.  Now it is very very late.

But I’m so excited, because Martha is now online!  You can check out her blog here and I already love it, which sucks for her because I’ll be pressuring her to keep up with it.  Make sure you head over to it, and enjoy reading about the Tarheels, about her famous Tom, about the adventures of middle school teaching, or about my fiance bossing her around (literally.. she interns for him), about Pine Level and Meme and the like.

Good night!