I’m a to-doer and these next couple of weeks, I am to-doing a lot of “final” stuff to wrap up my last semester of college. I have a final take-home exam due Thursday in Spn. Lit.  I have a bibliography project and reflection paper due in library next Monday, as well as a final exam.  I have an ensayo due this Friday and a 5-6 page Trabajo Escrito (paper – in spanish) due next Wednesday in Spn.-Amer. Lit, as well as a final exam.  I have a final exam in Comp. y Convo. next Thursday.  Here is my plan of action:

Monday 4/21: Complete Spn. Lit. Exam
Tuesday 4/22: Complete Library bib. project and reflection paper and finish editing Ensayo 3
Wednesday 4/23: Begin Trabajo Escrito (work on it 4/23-4/27 ideally)
4/23-4/30: Study 8 lists of 25 vocab words each for CC final
4/27: Study for library exam
4/29:Study for SAL exam
4/30: Review 8 vocab lists for CC exam

I love to do lists, but I never end up following them… they are mostly to keep information in the front of my head.  I’ll try to keep up with what I’ve done daily, to either keep myself accountable to follow through with what I’ve planned, or to show how I tend to “stray” from my plans.  I think the next three days I have the potential to follow through.

I was reading Los’ blog today, and this post was titled “Speak to Him Right Now…Everybody Now…” with nothing but a picture of an iPhone that says “Dear God…”  I still wonder the point of it, if it was obvious (writing out a prayer in the comments, which people went for) or if there was another point.  At first I thought it was silly.. why write out a prayer to God?  I could just speak to Him.

I wrote a quick prayer.  Because ironically, though I have the privilege of speaking to my Father at any point, I do not take advantage of it.  It’s interesting though, because I felt obligated to write a “novel” of a prayer, as though God requires at least 500 words to make a prayer worth it.  I wonder how often I choose not to pray because it might not meet the requirements in length and elegance of language.

So here’s a spin on Los’ post.  “Dear God…” twitter style.  If you had a limit of, what is it, 140 characters? to pray to God right now, what would you say?

Teach me delight and Your joy. The sky looked awesome today. Everything is going to change.. thanks for being here.