This Thursday, around 1pm, I should be done with school for good.  Every year around spring I begin reading Harry Potter again, and this year hasn’t been the same without it.  But the itch is returning (maybe partially because MP pulled it out for the beach yesterday) and I have every intention of returning to it as soon as I’m done with studies.  It is interesting how things change… now that the books are all out, it’s easier not to talk about them all the time, or read them, wondering what in the world is going to happen as I try to decipher the hidden messages within the text.  But there is still something to look forward to.  The 6th movie is coming out this year and that’s definitely going to be exciting.  I have never been as crazy about the movies as the books but they do hold something dear to my heart, with memories of midnight showings with friends and hearing “I love you” for the first time from Mike in the middle of movie 5 (you can’t get more romantic than that).  My craze for HP started at the age of 13 and each book, and now movie, has marked different significant phases of my life. This movie will be special, as I’ll be a married chica when it’s released. Maybe baby #1 can be on the way by the time the 7th movie comes out… 🙂 kidding.  That’ll be God’s idea, not my planning.

So here’s a little peak into movie #6 which will be released November 21, 2008.