I’m alive. It’s been awhile. Sometimes I’m not sure the direction I want to go for this blog – do I write only when I have something profound to say? Something humorous? Something that allows you to walk away with a little more knowledge in your noggin? Something that allows you to walk away having read something as random as the word “noggin”?

I’m not entirely sure.  But I feel that it’s time for an update.

What have I done with my first steps outside the college grounds and into the real world?

Well, first I graduated.  A crazy day, very surreal.  It seems a bit ironic that a ceremony prepared to shower you with respect and honor for your accomplishments  requires you to wear a black potato sack and a flat square on your head.  It does seem to aim to keep you from thinking TOO much of yourself.  But it was an honor to walk down the aisle and celebrate this milestone with Mike, my family, friends, and everyone who is a part of the school that I love.

I also celebrated by 22nd birthday on May 19th.  In honor of my birthday, I worked at the church where Mike surprised me with gorgeous roses and a cupcake, I worked with the kiddies and got to play at the park, and then a bunch of us took over miniature golf at Jungle Rapids.  This turned into a slightly competitive event, and that should never come as a surprise when money is involved.

Before my birthday came Josh and Bekah’s wedding.  The wedding was ridiculously fun, with lots of dancing!  Bekah looked radiant, Josh’s smile grew even bigger for the day which I did not think was possible, and getting to share the experience with their family and friends was so wonderful!  I feel Lauren (Cribbs) and I played a huge role in this wedding.  That being, making sure a certain groomsman had the suspender buttons sewn into his pants on the big day without permitting other important persons in the wedding party to panic.  All ended well.

And the wedding.  Our wedding.  Planning for the wedding has become a high priority, seeing as how we passed the 3-month marker this past month.  I wish I could fill you in on all the details.  I’m actually in Charlotte right now, finishing up a very busy week of planning.  And what a better way to finish off the week than with a wedding? That’s where I just came from.  After this week, I felt guilty but could not seem to stop making mental notes for our day as we watched the ceremony.  It gives me energy to keep going, when I get the chance to enjoy another’s day.

Things are progressing.  A glimpse into the typical day of our week: Wake up at 7 in the morning, time spent with God (more on this in a moment),  meet with this or that vendor, go to this or that store to try to gather ideas, go to various doctor’s appointments and work around other appointments throughout the day, arrive home around 5:30, and around 6-6:30 each evening carry out that evening’s plans, from meeting up with friends and family to securing a second pastor to meetings with our wonderful wedding coordinator to the surprise trip to the airport picking up a stranded Martha, Tom, and Daniel so they could stay at our house for the night (a very nice unexpected night!)  And so each day consisted of a 15-30 minute “break” and ended around 11pm-12am.  Planning keeps you BUSY.

Busy definitely has its ups and downs.  The downs first… Mom and I sat down with a plan for the week and we are extraordinarily alike, calmly going through things we know nothing about and not being aware of the fact that it is very difficult to check things off a wedding “to-do” list.  It was hard for us to accept that things could only be half done, or that something would not get done but that we had more information on it.  We also could become very worn out and so the busy evenings became a bit difficult!  A note to self:  I actually have to find time to REST.  I have a hard time with that.  Being on the computer never ends up being rest for me.  All that being said, the week was actually QUITE productive.  Having accepted the way planning goes, and that expecting to complete every aspect of a wedding in a week is impossible, Mom and I were able to see the accomplishments.

One of the nicest things, I think, happened on Monday and has stuck with me.  My parents had had a rough day with some things and Mike and I had been very busy and also dealt with being lost in my home town for two hours (I have no sense of direction here).  It was one of those days you want to complain and yet you know that what you are complaining about shouldn’t be important.  And we all gathered around and held hands to pray before dinner, and I suddenly felt very appreciative of having these people I loved to share this crazy life with me.  Some people must feel so desperate because when things are rough, they have no one to cling to.   I am so glad to live life with the people God has blessed me with… it made everything not seem quite so bad.

And my favorite thing about this week has been having my Mom with me to plan.  She is so wonderful to have with me and is so encouraging and supportive and helpful without ever feeling like the mom who took over the wedding.  I don’t think that would be possible for her.  And because of it, I love having her with me to walk through this.  We laugh, we vent, we get snippy, we apologize fast, we keep going, we stop in bewilderment, we are overwhelmed, we find some faith, we keep going again.  We’re together.  I love it.  It’ll hurt to leave.  I have trouble leaving home to this day.  But I do journey to another home, and I’m excited to return there!  There’s a someone I am oh so ready to see. He makes my heart so happy!

God is good.

I was driving home to Charlotte last week and I talked with Him (God) awhile… about this wedding, and about a lot of things.  I realized I couldn’t make it through this week without Him.  And so, as I said earlier, I started the day as best I could with time with Him.  It’s so hard sometimes to keep up with Him as I try to plan and prepare and control.  But what’s the point of this if He’s not the one I’m doing it for?  He created marriage, it’s the relationship that was created to most closely resemble the relationship between Christ and His bride.  So… I can’t do it without Him.

There’s an update.  It’s time to get off this computer now. 🙂