“When you are lost, slow down, breathe deeply and ask for help.”

My mom has one of those little “books” of wisdom, a kind where you flip the page each day of the year for a different nugget of advice.  This thing has been around our house for years, and the quotes never really get to the point of feeling old, at least not for me.  The quote above is the one for today, June 14th.  And today, it caught my attention.  To be honest, today I felt a bit lost.  I’m in Charlotte.  These days, Charlotte means trying to do the activities that bring me to Charlotte in the first place, along with trying to squeeze wedding planning into all the extra minutes of the day.  These things have to get done and we do go at it well, but I can get to the point where I feel like I’m holding my breath trying to make it through everything.  It’s harder to do that when some things stop going the way I want them to.  I can get frustrated and unsure of what I should do next.  That’s like discovering that my rushing is taking me nowhere, or worse, it’s taking me backwards.  Lost, the quote says?  Yes, I feel a bit lost.  Slow down, breathe deeply, and ask for help…

So.. God? Help.

Rest, God says.  And trust in Him.  Wait patiently.  Seek God, and He will help.  It is so important for me to remember to rest with God.  It is ideal to do this at the beginning of my day, to talk with Him and to sort through things and start out relying on His strength.  But when that does not happen, reminders like this little quote are wonderful in helping me remember Who I can go to if I want to slow down, to breathe.  I can just ask for help.  It’s sweet relief when I am made aware again that I am not in control, but I can rest with the One who is.