Babysitting continues, and I’ve laughed and been shocked by a few things I’ve heard these past few days.

Lil is learning to develop good character (not to have an “ugly heart”), but she has a few manners down pat, like saying genuine “thank you”s and sharing her toys for the most part.  One thing she has done for me lately is to hold the glass door open without my asking so I can get through.  As I was locking the door one time when she did this, I wanted to encourage her so I said, “Lil, thank you so much for holding open the door!  What a sweet thing for you to do to help me out.”  She smiled and replied, “Well, I don’t want to smash you because you’re my favorite babysitter.”

Oh. Well… thanks Lil!

Another “compliment” (??) came yesterday when Max was talking to me about his friend, Brian.  Brian is a boy his age who lives 2 doors down and had come over the other day asking if Max could play.  I let him go, and while we were in the car yesterday, Max was telling me about their car-washing business that had consisted of Brian’s father’s car getting washed by them.  “Oh,” Max added as an afterthought, “Brian thinks you’re hot.”

Uh.. thanks Brian?

“Oh yeah?” I replied, not really sure how you respond to a statement like that.  “That’s funny.”  “Brian said he wants you to be his babysitter,” Max said.  Um..  “You can just tell him I’m your babysitter,” I said.  Wanting to add that he’s too young to think about girls.  That he needs to please be a gentleman unlike neighbor Brian and at least call girls beautiful because, well, because hot shouldn’t be coming off his 6 year old tongue.  That he shouldn’t hang out with Brian anymore.

Kids say the darndest things and boys at any age continue to baffle me.