I’m about to put myself in a frenzy.  Watch this:

I’m getting married on August 15th.  A month and a half away…

I start looking at it this way –> Today I leave for Charlotte/Knoxville until next Tuesday evening when I return to start house-sitting for the Bergmans until Saturday when I leave for Myrtle beach on my family vacation which ends Friday the 18th which is just in time for a day of work until that evening when I leave for Burlington with the girls for Nikki’s wedding which is Saturday until the evening when I return to Wilmington in order to be at PC3’s first services at the new building and to stay 6 nights in Wilmington before I return to Charlotte on Friday until Sunday when I go back to Wilmington  where I will be gradually moving my stuff into another home until I have to return to Charlotte again 13 days later to prepare for a week when I’m getting MARRIED.

I just connected this day to my wedding day in a lengthy sentence, and that is what I think I do a lot to make myself feel anxious.  Trying to fit days, weeks, months into one thought, one focus.

So I’m going to try something different…

Today.  Today I got to chat with my roommates as we got ready for the day. I was able to sit in the sun outside Port City Java and journal.  I worked hard answering e-mails at work and took a rent check to the realtor’s office. I caught up with my great friend back home, Emily, over the phone while I was in midday traffic.  I spent the afternoon creating Step 2 notebooks and packing our little cubicle space with a kind woman who was ready to serve named Lara.  I’m about to leave and pack for home.  I’ll get to spend time eating dinner with my amazing fiance.  Then I’ll drive to Charlotte and greet my family with warm hugs and hellos, and sleep tonight.

That sounds so much better.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

I want to aim for a one-day, today mindset.