I often think of profound blogs to post on here.  And I hardly ever follow through.  It gets to the point where I just feel I need to post, just to let everyone know I’m still here.  I always like updates from my favorite bloggers.  I don’t know if I’m anyone’s favorite blogger, but if I am, 1) thank you, and 2) I am still alive. And here is the update…

I got married!!  I can tentatively say that it was the best two weeks of my life so far.  I got to hang out with my mom a lot, which was awesome. I love that she and I are on the same wavelength… it helps when you grow up and basically become your mother.  It becomes much easier to understand each other.  And the rest of my Koppier cousins came into town on Tuesday before the wedding, which meant we got to have our “Kousins night” with all the insanity that ensues with that.  Movies, nerd talk, tea, ice-cream, re-living the glories of kamp koppier, Harry Potter, and who raised who.  Our parents tend to escape us at times like these.  The next night, Mike was not so lucky… we had our family night and he joined the cousins table.  The boy was like a deer in the headlights, but he takes it so well and that’s why I love him.  That, and my cousins have decided they like him enough not to kill him.  So he must be a keeper. 🙂

As for family night, it was glorious.  Seeing everyone together, dancing randomly in the kitchen, and getting some quiet time with Mike on the lake in a canoe.  It was beautiful, it was quiet, and it was lovely.  It was summer bliss.  The next day, Thursday and the day of rehearsal, found us at an amazing bridal luncheon thrown by old friends of the family, at Concord Mills where we got our nails done (which later got destroyed in the shower), and then at the church where I finally got glimpses of the reality of what was about to happen.  Rehearsal dinner couldn’t have been better; the Paschals and Tiffany did an amazing job of creating a comfortable and wonderful night, and we had a great time listening to toast after toast.  They were funny, they were memorable.  And then I went home and watched episodes of Friends with all my girls.

The wedding day was perfect.  Up in the morning, a long time spent with God and then breakfast and watching Pride and Prejudice while we all got ready.  We arrived at the church and laughed and took pictures and played Apples to Apples to pass the time.  And then it was time to go…

And the ceremony was, as my dad described it, “magical”.  Truly.  I was nervous as anything to go in because I’m not much for people looking at me, but as soon as I saw Mike everything was great.  His face was all joy.  Sean and Chris were both incredible, and I can’t explain the joy and honor I felt at knowing that our friends and family were all gathered with us, sharing in the celebration and supporting us all the way.  Then it was off to the reception where we danced the night away, just like I always dreamed.  Perfect.

The honeymoon was a blast.  Relaxing and beautiful.  And Mike and I got to be together.  That’s all for you. 🙂

And now we’ve returned!  We were lucky enough to “ease” back into reality, getting to spend time with my parents and his parents before returning to Wilmington, and seeing the beloved Mar de mi vida.  Who is now a TEACHER, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  And I get to see her this weekend… Tom told me I could. 😉  Just kidding.  But, sort of seriously.

So now it’s just living life with the new husband.  I can’t get enough of him, really.  Marriage is glorious, and worth the work that inevitably comes, and will come.  I have to say that now, knowing that in the future things will sometimes be harder and it will be easy to lose focus on the purpose… to love this man with all I know how, selflessly, completely.  To seek God out every moment, walk with Him in faith, and to understand His love for me and use it.  Without Him, I can’t love Mike like I’m supposed to.  Like I want to.

God is so good, and I’m still learning Him, too.