Sometimes it’s so hard to sit down and write on here!  Sorry it’s been forever.

I’ve been married for 2 months now (time flies!). And I love it – marriage, that is.  There’s work done to maintain relationship, but it’s worth it.

One of my favorite things about life with Mike is our car.  It is small and bright yellow and certainly stands out on the road… unless you happen to hit an intersection with 3 more of these bright yellow vehicles, which I have, incidentally, but that is beside the point.  We only have this one car (plus a motorcycle, which tends to be used for joyrides and emergencies).  People probably panic at the thought of having one car.  Is it possible?  they ask.  Is it hard?  Not really.  I do realize that working at the same location prevents some inconvenience one car can bring.  However, I’ve already been able to see advantages to our situation that could (potentially) apply to most, if not all, people interested in trying it.

First of all, we almost always ride to and from work together, which gives us time to debrief and know what’s going on in the day-to-day with each other.  We also try to plan for our outings (together or separate) to coincide  so that if we are going separate ways, we can ride together and one person simply drops off and picks up.  We have to keep up with each other’s schedules to plan this, and therefore we do not often run into days where Mike is busy when I’m free or vise versa, which would give us less time together.  And we are, through the excuse of one car, able to keep our schedules consistent with each other’s.   It creates a sort of additional “oneness” to our situation, and an interdependency that we as a society so often run away from.  It seems that our tendency and drive toward independence is sapping the community and relationship away from us, even with our own spouses at times.  So I’ve come to view this car as an additional way to be in relationship with my husband.

This car makes me wonder what else we could sacrifice from our material possessions in order to gain community we never knew we could have – with anyone, really.

… I did actually have one idea: not buying TV channels.  But sacrificing my poor husband’s joy of watching a little weekend football as well as a sci-fi TV series or two was not worth it.  🙂