To appreciate this post, please remember the “dark Thursday” I had last week.  It started at 5:44, and it ended with my going to bed early due to a queasy stomach.

A few days late, I’d like to document what I woke up to the next day, that Friday morning. Which began at 9:42am, I believe.

A cleaned up living room with candles lit, the window open (it was warm), tea and all its necessary condiments laid out on the table, and my journal and bible sitting waiting for me…


The computer open to Pandora set to a Frank Sinatra station (or something of that nature)…


A table being prepped…


And my man in the kitchen cooking up a storm of bacon, pancakes, and eggs.


Needless to say, my face had a very different expression on it than it had had the day before!


It’s the little things.

And speaking of the little things, to continue singing my husband’s praises, he surprised me with going out to dinner to Brixx pizza tonight, and then followed up with a surprise movie: Madagascar 2. He is so sneaky!  Actually, he is not and that is what made tonight’s sneakiness even more clever!