This morning, I was sitting at the dining room table just finishing up the morning’s journal entry.  Mike had the TV on, watching Saturday morning cartoons.  This is a tradition he’s enjoyed since childhood and has carried on into adulthood.  To be honest, I do not find the same pleasure in watching these cartoons as he does, though I did have my share of them as a child (they are different now, after all!)  I therefore cannot say I had any interest in paying attention to the TV whatsoever.

But then, it happened!  Suddenly on the screen there appeared bright colors and fast-flipping scenes with spastic and energized music jingling in the background… there were children smiling and squealing in delight as though they were having the time of their lives… and then there were the objects of their affection themselves!  In some scenes, they were being shown in a cartoon-like way, talking and laughing and encouraging the audience to “come and play with us!” as though they were real, and in other scenes, they were being shown in the giddy children’s hands, put to play against cardboard backgrounds or perfectly decorated rooms, with all accessories included.

And I was mesmerized by the sights, by the sounds, by the giggles and squeals of the children, and deep inside me, the little child desire that has been stored in a treasured corner of my nostalgic heart came bursting through.

Which made me realize that no matter how old I get, I am still enchanted by those colorful commercials for children’s toys!