Today started out rainy and monsoony, but it cleared up and became SUNNY!!

The warm and the sun make me deliriously happy these days.  It feels like it has been such a long winter and I’m so ready for summer.  Even through March we’ve been struggling to make it up to 70 degrees, and here on the 29th I think we’ve managed to hit it.  Days like these are all I can think about recently, so much so that it’s all I can talk about… weather has always been reserved for surface-level conversation, so I’m sure everyone who I’ve talked to about the weather thinks I have nothing more interesting I’d like to discuss with them.  But I can’t help it; if it’s a rainy or cold day all I can do is dream out loud about the kind of weather I’m anticipating, and when days like today come, all I can do is chatter endlessly about the glory of it!

Just wait till summer comes… 80 and 90 degree weather is my favorite: hot days that beg for a blanket on the beach, a couple good books, a cooler of sandwiches, a couple snacks and drinks, a boogy board for lots of play time in the ocean, and a smile on my sun-kissed face!  If only I lived a bit closer, I’d be adding the delight of riding my bike to and from that beach trip, possibly including a stop for dinner at PT’s Grille on the way home (you can always justify a greasy burger when you’re biking; I think Lindsay mentioned that one time).  And yes, all the best beach trips would include lunch on the beach and dinner only when we’re finally heading home… an all-day event.

For now, I’m already smiling at this weather, bringing with it a comforting warmth and a bright, promising sun… it will be here to stay for awhile soon!