It’s been raining all day.  And yesterday.

It rained last week.  It’ll be on and off this weekend.  It’s predicted for next week, too.

Today, the rain reminded me of Chile.  It rained a lot there, too. When it did, the dry river bed behind my home flooded in a moment’s time.  I was amazed at how it went from sparse puddles to a rushing river after one rain fall.  Then, when the rain was gone, the puddles returned, only to turn back into a river at the next fall of rain.


Our study abroad happened in July, which meant winter for Chile.  Rainy days added to the cold, and my home did not have a heating system, just one little heater that warmed our living room but did not show any regard for the rest of our house.  It was around that heater that our clothes and shoes hung to dry after the rain, and it was that heater that my family’s cocker spaniel got too close to one particularly cold, wet day.  I came home and my chilean mother told me the story, pealing with laughter and rattling off the same thing in spanish, over and over… “el perro!  El pelo del perro… fuego!” Sadly, I couldn’t remember the whole sentence then and I don’t know how you would say it now, but I caught enough of it… poor Teddy the cocker caught on fire.  Singed off a lot of his back hair.  Pobre Teddy!


Rainy days also seemed to be a requirement for every one of our walking tours.


But as Martha reminded me today on twitter, rainy days in Chile were the best days to go to this little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop we stumbled upon early in our travels.  The waitress there was named Michaela (pronounced MihkayALEa).  She was a Russian who could speak very good English and was now in Chile for this or that reason… she was a strong christian and enjoyed sitting down with us while we chatted over cups of tea and chocolate or a pastry.  That coffee shop was the place where Martha and I could go to get away… get away from the spanish that bombarded our brains, get away from the varying issues that don’t leave you just because you’ve left the country where they originated, and instead, enjoy moments of comfort, conversation (in the forbidden English), tea, and a new friend.


The best part was the way we remembered how to get there… it was off the main road and would have been difficult to identify if it hadn’t been for this sign… this sign made it easy to remember where to turn. Just follow the pointing leg! 🙂


Oh man, looking for these pictures had me running through hundreds of pictures I took in Chile… perhaps another day I’ll post others.  But not tonight, because my husband is hungry.  Time for dinner!