We’re animal-sitting Lucy the dog.  Lucy belongs to the family I babysit for and she is the sweetest dog (though sometimes quite skittish and silly).  I don’t know if she’s some kind of hound or greyhound mix, but she is a beautiful dog.  She is also very loving, easing her way as close to you as possible until – oops! – she is sitting right on your lap!  She is very content just to curl up right next to you on the couch, or to stare at you with her big doe-eyes until you cave and pet her again.  

Animal-sitting Lucy makes me want a dog.  However, I’ve always wanted a dog.  I love them.  But having Lucy has caused a bit of a problem.  Having Lucy has made Mike want a dog.  But not just any dog.  He wants LUCY.  They seem to have bonded this weekend:


It’s going to be a bit rough for him when we have to give her back.  Poor guy!  But maybe this means a puppy in our future… maybe!