It’s almost the weekend!  I’m very excited and am feeling very productive… I hope lots of things get accomplished this weekend!  The good weather lifts my spirits even more… the sun seems to be holding strong and if it sticks around, it’ll be a good motivator.  I know some people see good weather and don’t want to do work on those days, but I feel a greater drive to be clean and organized so that when I go out to enjoy the weather, I feel accomplished as well!

This weekend here is what we are looking at doing:
Laundry: Mike was amazing and did the laundry on his day off this past Monday. Now in just one or two loads it can be completed again!
Clean the house: dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters, scrubbing toilets and tubs and sinks, and straightening that which has been scattered… we are taking down the unclean in our little home! Oh, and giving the plants some water… I think I’ve allowed the dirt to become dry enough to get rid of these little tiny flies that were hanging around (google suggested that they might be bugs whose nasty eggs like moist soil, so I was determined to keep our soil dry till they vanished!)
FINISH thank you cards: The majority have been sent out, but if we didn’t know your current address, we still have your thank you card. We are GETTING RID of them this weekend. I’m determined!
Paint Hopper painting: Mama Hopper has requested a painting for a conference and so I’ll be working hard on that this weekend. I’m very excited to tackle the style she has shown interest in!
The finances: Ooh, I love budgeting. I love it. I love seeing the updates, seeing how all the numbers add up (when they do), seeing what action needs to be taken, and often seeing how God is so faithful to give us loaves and fishes… it’s so often that it just seems like we should NOT have had the money according to budget to make certain things happen, but somehow the numbers add up! Glorious. We will also be looking at some numbers in consideration of a possible new home.

I can assure you that to-do lists will be plenty this weekend, and productivity is the hopeful result. For now, though, must keep working.

Silly fact: I’ve become aware of a sort of “game” I play in my cubicle throughout the day… with my cube being in a busy hallway, I hear lots of people talking as they pass by, and a fun little game becomes “guess that voice”. Some voices are easy, and some actually throw me – I confess to even going to the extent of casually entering the hallway for no other reason than to place the face that belongs to the voice. Oh, the thrills of office life. 🙂