I don’t know what I was thinking.  Or why I expected it to go away.

After all, it wasn’t just students who complained about it.  I heard other people complain about suffering from it as well.  I suppose I just thought they were soft.  There wasn’t REALLY anything for them to worry about.  Once I was out of school, it would be smooth sailing, and my character “affliction” would pass.

But, as it would seem, I. am. still. a. Procrastinator!!

I remember school (having just left it a little less than a year ago).  I remember the long nights.  Sleepless nights.  And I remember… yes, I remember the afternoons that preceded the sleepless nights.  Those were seemingly the most productive afternoons of my life.  That is, productive in getting everything straight in my life to avoid studying.  Room needs cleaning? On it.  Yard needs mowing?  Definitely.  What? There are dishes in the sink?  We’ll just have to deep clean the entire house!  And my room hasn’t been rearranged in months; that will need tending to before I can REALLY focus.  Oh, what fond memories I have of my beloved friends and I seeking out any unfinished business before actually getting down TO business.  Anything to give us 15 more minutes before we sat down… then realized the seat was located inconveniently in front of the TV (you can’t just turn those suckers off!) and drove across town to the library… and sat down again… checked facebook… for an hour… and then finally. Opened our book to… what? It’s 5am?  Definitely time for bed. (You can go ahead and define “bedtime” as a 1-2 hour nap before class.)

Ah, yes, the good old days… I’m sorry, let me rephrase that.  Good? yes.  Old? no.  That cursed trait seems to have overtaken my shadow and followed me all the way here.  Only now, the tasks that I sought to accomplish to avoid studying have become the very tasks I seek to avoid!  Cleaning the house, doing the day’s bible study, working on a painting, reading the books that presently sit in the “currently reading” nooks of my househould, reorganizing closets, putting away dishes, answering e-mails… and I enjoy doing these things!  However, I think right now those things feel like obligations.  There are deadlines.  There are timeframes.  If I don’t tackle some of those things tonight, they will be there tomorrow.  Some of those things have already been put off and they just make me feel behind.   But if I’m not in the mood to do all “that”, I’ll go to any lengths to avoid doing “that stuff” first.  And right now, I’m not in the mood.  Which is why I checked facebook for an hour. Or three. And why I wrote this blog post.  Instead of writing the blog post I had thought about doing which was inspired by this photo:


It would have been called, Pickles and Cheez-its and Other Strange Food Combinations.  To be subtitled, Why People Have Wondered if my Eggo was Preggo since 1999.

But I didn’t want to write it.  It was on THAT list.  That list which for now, I am avoiding.  I don’t know why.  Like I said, I THOUGHT procrastination would be gone after school.  I wasn’t prepared for this.

Time to post this blog… check up on my 450 facebook friends one more time… and call it a day.