Hey everyone!

If you read this blog, please go to this website every day until May 20th… check out Joey Connolley’s video and PLEASE vote for him!  He is one of our incredible interns at church who has a passion and a gift for film.  He wants to go to NYU but really needs this scholarship to make it!  If you go to the site and vote for him, you’ll be helping him get closer to the goal!  He has made it to the finalists and now whoever has the most votes will win.

Please go vote for him, and remember to continue doing so!  Click the link below to see his video and please vote for him!  Tell your family and friends to go vote as well… you will be helping an awesome kid receive an opportunity to go to NYU.

Click here:    http://www.tinyurl.com/voteforjoey

And if you want to see some of his work (it’s great fun to watch) click here:   http://vimeo.com/user531304