Man oh man, it’s been silent around here way too long!  I see dust bunnies collecting in the corners of my blog from lack of life around here lately.  It’s time to sweep away the silence!  And what better time to do that than at a time in which I have other work to do and must therefore put it aside for just 5 minutes more?

So, because I DO have work to do, and I can’t hang out here too long, here are the quick updates on what’s been happening lately:

– Mike and I started the process of looking for a two-bedroom apt, in hopes of relocating to a place near Mike’s brother, which would mean we’d be 2 miles from church and 2 miles from the beach, and able to have guests in a Spare Oom.  *ahem*, I mean, spare room.

– I redecorated my desk at work.  Made it a bit more cozy, minus the fact that the frames have none of my pictures in them.  However, the pictures that come in the frames – you know, the ones that show you what great pictures can be held if you buy them – are still in place.  There is a lady in one of the frame spots holding up a little girl, about 2 yrs old, which naturally encourages co-worker inquiries of “so, is she YOURS?” Very original, everyone. 😉

– We had a yard sale with my family in Charlotte, and encountered many yard sale “professionals”.  Who were not very much fun to encounter at all.  Really, it’s just not kind of you to walk up to us and tell us our old treasures are junk.  And who has the nerve to pick up a $40 pair of shorts, tags still on them from never being worn, and tell us they won’t pay more than $2 for it?  Lucky for those folks we were more intent on getting rid of stuff than getting money for it.  Or maybe that’s lucky for us, because I don’t think people go to yard sales intent on spending any more than $10 for what might be $100 worth of stuff.  The lesson from this experience is that I don’t think I have what it takes to be a yard-saler!

– I turned 23.  I felt a little older, save for the fact that I acted like a 5 yr old the morning of my birthday, in the bad way, fighting with Mike over something stupid.  And he, despite it all, was so great.  Got me a new video camera for my birthday!  And threw me a surprise party!  My husband is pretty much amazing to me.

– We went to the lake with Mike’s family!  I got to try out our set of water skis while we were there. They worked great, and were so fun.  And camping with the Paschals was a glorious time of rest, relaxation, slight sun burn, and great food.  Oh, and iPhones.  For those who must maintain connection with the rest of the connected world, you know.  🙂

– We decided not to get the two-bedroom apt, and are now going to try to “completely” redecorate our own apartment. Which means new couch and switching furniture from one room to another, plus a trip to Ikea!  I love edifying change more than absolute change. Hurray for new furniture and rearranging rooms!

That’s all I can think of for now.  Hopefully, I haven’t overlooked any important events.  Have a great day, everyone. 🙂