Vacations, thoughts, and other random activities are lined up in my mind, all waiting for me to compile a blog post just for them.  Each will have its turn.

Today, my thoughts are on books.  As summer meanders from one day to another, I find myself diving into a few really good reads.  Summer brings fierce joy to my heart, and reading is a favorite past-time, and putting the two together makes me giddy with delight.  Below you’ll find the books I’m currently engulfed in.

It started with this:

A challenge that some coworkers and I are undertaking with a small tweak.  We considered the likelihood of finding enough time in 90 consecutive days to read 12 pages a day, and determined that such time simply would not be found.  And so, we are reading the bible in what has been calculated as 121 days: reading 12 pages a day Monday through Friday, and using Saturday and Sunday for any catch-up reading, which has already been a lifesaver in keeping me up to speed. 

My feelings on this book thus far: I am surprised, as I read, that I as a Christian have entrusted my life to this faith without reading the Bible in its entirety, just to be aware of the history of what I’m getting into.   Now, finally reading, I find that I understand God more and less: He has shown Himself to be far more than the God I had tried to hold in the confines of my mind, and I am even less able to explain Him than I thought, relating more closely to those in the Bible who constantly claim that God’s ways are too great for us; that they are beyond words.

I then began this:

I have read these books at least once a year since I was 13.  Spring and summer have been my favorite times to pull them out, and whenever a new book was released, that called for the entire series to be re-read beforehand.  More on the Harry Potter craze in another entry, but for now, I am on the Chamber of Secrets – book two.

My feelings on this book thus far: Book two is not my favorite (though still thoroughly enjoyable), and so I’m anxious to move past it to book 3.  Books 3 and 6 are tied for second favorite (is that allowed?) while Book 5 stands in first.  After I finish this series again, perhaps I’ll reevaluate the placing of favorites.

And today I picked up this:

I didn’t have plans to read more than a couple pages to amuse myself while I sat in the Living Rooms earlier today, but the author is very engaging and brings up very difficult arguments that I’m intrigued to read more about. With that said…

My feelings on this book thus far: Intrigued.  This book focuses on a question that can nag at me again and again, and I appreciate when someone is willing to point out the absurdity of arguments that may sound like an “easy answer” but must disregard biblical truth in order to be presented in the first place.  He seems to be ready to tackle this question without disregarding the facts: that the Bible says God is loving, and God is all-powerful, and that there is evil in the world.  With that laid out up front, I’m interested to see what he makes of it.

So, there you have it.  3 books currently holding 3 different bookmarks (a tea bag, a note from Mike, and a blank post-it note).  What’s on your reading list, and what do you think of the books you’re reading right now?