Okay, so you see, I know I made the promise to write on this blog daily for the week leading up to our anniversary.  It was a dangerous commitment to make anyway, as I can be easily distracted or become busier than originally planned.  But what I’d like to use as my excuse instead, and I think it’s a rather good one…

Mike surprised me with a puppy on Monday!!!  Not minutes after I finished my blog entry, dinner was made and I was in my bedroom when I heard Mike come home.  I meandered into the kitchen and saw him absolutely grinning from ear to ear and looking at… the ground.  The grin I expected, as he always enjoys seeing food upon walking in the door.  But seeing as how I hadn’t put the food on the floor, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

And then I looked down, and there he was.

Boxer/Pitt bull mix, brown with a random white splotch on his neck and white on his paws, and the biggest brown boxer-eyes you ever saw.  Only 12 weeks old, and without much control of his legs yet, he squatted unsteadily, half sprawled on the slippery floor.  Mike had Brian and Danna bring him home, and they had all the dog necessities brought in as I stared at our new little baby, sputtering, “What is this?! What is this?! Is it ours?”

It took four days, 1,000 opinions, and one poll for us to decide on a name for him. Linus.  No particular reason, and I’d really been fighting for a Harry Potter reference but there were none that we could agree on.  However, Linus kept cropping up, and we both agreed that we liked it, and so its last place in the poll votes went completely disregarded.  Sorry, everyone. 🙂 (Feel free to call him Dumbledog, as he is quite dumble-y!)

Linus turned our world upside down.  This is a good and bad thing for me.  I love that we have him! I love learning more about him, playing with him, knowing how much potential he has.  He loves chewing on leaves and sticks outside; he lags behind on the leash (I’m sure this will not always be the case); he loves to sprawl out sleeping between Mike and me in bed (when we let him on there); he understands “sit” so we can take his leash off; and he loves, loves, LOVES to play and be as close to us as he can!

The bad thing is that I am still quite bad with change, which throws my schedule off, which I also don’t do so well with at all!  Hopefully Linus will soon be getting a routine and a regular schedule will be resumed. I will try to put up pictures of him as soon as I can load them without him barking at me or chewing a cord to vy for my attention.  I hope to also write more about our one-year anniversary so that my previous blog promise is not entirely broken! 🙂