Oh goodness, the crisp air outside is delicious!  It made me absolutely giddy to jump into my car, turn on the heat (already), and grin at the sharp contrasts in sunlight and shadow running over the cars, trees, and roads this morning.  It made me think of chai tea, spice-scented candles, a pumpkin spice latte for Mike, and perhaps a little Damien Rice or Amos Lee as the morning’s soundtrack.

Okay, I’m totally guessing on the music.  My hubs is the guru of mood-music, and this is what I predict he would choose.  Whatever he might choose for this morning, it would be perfect.

Autumn and its changing weather and flashy oranges and reds fires me up in a burst of inspiration to do multiple things.  Here are a couple of activities that this season – this day – is begging for me to do:

1. Paint
2. Buy clothes – lots of beautiful, warm, fall clothes, with accessories, shoes, and scarves to boot.
3. Read with a warm cup of tea (this can also be inspired by a good spring, summer, or winter day as well.)
4. Read a biography.
5. Blog (check!)
6. Start running again, consistently.
7. Study spanish, and soak in the learning experience.
8. Take dance lessons.
9. Reorganize or redecorate. Or both.
And the #10 thing I am inspired to do on this beautiful day that promises change and fresh beginnings:

Look for a house!!

Yes, we are making plans to dive into a house search, thanks to the strong encouragement of our upstairs neighbor, who has ever so kindly helped us see that we would be much more capable living our lives at the noise level we prefer if we didn’t have others – namely, him – sharing our walls.  Perhaps if this day inspires it, you could pray for us, that we would make wise decisions in this process.  We would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

I think it’s time to plug in my headphones and perhaps listen to a bit of what I think would be Mike’s choice music for the day.  Or perhaps I’ll choose to work to the Les Mis soundtrack, as it reminds me of London in November.