I feel like I just pulled my brain out, stuck it in a blender, and let it whir for awhile before returning the contents to my head.

Mike and I began the house hunt today.

It actually went incredibly smoothly!  Our realtor is Frankie Pierson, who we know from production team, and she rocked out.  She found homes in the areas we preferred in advance, scheduled appointments for us to go see them, and drove us around to look at every one, all in a day’s notice.  She gave us such helpful advice and encouragement, and I feel so confident with her.  When someone tells you that they will fight for you as they would their own children, you are in good hands. 🙂

But the day certainly was draining!  It was four hours of going in a home, looking around for pros and cons, getting in the car, driving to the next home; lather, rinse, repeat.  We were so enthusiastic till the end, when the aspects of homes began to blur together, as Frankie – and Jonathan and Christie – told us they would.  We charged through, however, and have some homes in mind that we are definitely excited about, which is awesome.  Today feels successful, and we’ll be checking out another potential area on Monday.

But as we are now done for the day, I’ve come home and evacuated to my bedroom.  My eyes are glazed, I am instantly angry at any noises that persist for more than 2 seconds, and I feel a to-do list coming on to empty the remaining contents of my brain on paper.

We will sleep well tonight!

*UPDATE* Mike also blogged about our house-hunting adventure, and gave pictures for you to enjoy of our current top two choices. He also has a poll up, if you’d like to vote on the house you think is best. Rest assured that, just as with the poll to name our dog, the winning poll house will not settle our decision. But it will be fun to see what people say. 🙂 Click here to read his post.