This week, Mike had the privilege of participating in Catalyst 09 with a friend of ours and professional photographer, Chris Davis. Mike sounds like he’s been having a great time as Chris’ “assistant”, hanging out backstage, taking photos, and rubbing shoulders with some of the “greats” like Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio.

Actually, although he’s enjoyed being around everyone, he doesn’t seem to have the gawking giddiness that I would feel. In response to my endless questions – “Who have you seen today? Who have you met today? What were they doing? What were they wearing? Did you talk to them? What did they say? What did you say?” – he simply throws me a couple names and absolutely no details. So like my man.

But he’s been gone. And I miss him. A lot. It’s quite lonely without him.

I’m spoiled, I know. Three days is nothing – and I’m grateful it’s not more, though if it were, I would be just fine. Just as I have been this time. In fact, I’ve been quite productive. Waking up at the time I intend to, going through my morning routine, taking Linus to Jonathan’s at the time I prefer and then heading straight to the church, getting things accomplished at work, leaving the office as soon as I’m done and ready to go, scheduling time with friends and finding time to run errands beforehand, making to-do lists and sticking to my schedule or readjusting as I need or prefer to do, cleaning the house top to bottom, and going to bed when everything is done.

But the bed is too big. The car rides, too quiet. The dog, a bit less manageable. At work, the church feels emptier. Errands and unexpected plans are used to fill the time in the evening. To-do lists are actually completed, with no one around to spontaneously change plans by saying “Come on, Kir, it’s a beautiful day. I’d love to just relax and go to a coffee shop and hang out with you.” And then, at the end of the day, that darned bed is too big again.

I miss him, that’s all. 🙂 And I’m oh so grateful for him and ready for him to return!