I’ve been in another kind of crazy this week, it seems. I’d call it a “funk”, but that implies nothing but negative, and that would be inaccurate. I’ve really just felt, well, crazy. It’s been an emotional roller coaster with lows of anxiety, insecurity, doubt and frustration, and highs of jubilation, optimism, hope, and inspiration. Imagine all of these emotions on crack, and you have the gist of my week. I can’t seem to settle down to any task or thought but instead, dwell on whatever particular emotion I’m feeling and produce no action from it.

I couldn’t say why this is. But it’s due to this that I’m delaying the house post, and other posts that have come to mind, because I can’t settle down to anything!

With that said, here’s Linus right now, who could teach me a thing or two about how to settle down.

Photo 30

Photo 32