So, it’s difficult when one has been busy to follow through with one’s promise to her readers that she will, in fact, be writing about the process that was mentioned a couple weeks ago.

But here is the big (and slightly obvious) news:
We have bought a house!!!***

***I feel the need to have some sort of disclaimer here after having been through and educated by my first home-buying experience. We have not, in fact, “bought” a house. We have invested in a house and will be putting money towards buying it until we are in our 50s.

We are so incredibly stoked and a bit surprised at how quickly this process went. To give you an idea of how crazy and cool things have been, here is a timeline (no doubt with long descriptions that I will inevitably have to include):

September 26th: We receive complaints about our dog barking (I typed that “dark boging” first. Oops! Had to share.) We decide that it’s high time we move out, and perhaps there is still a chance at taking advantage of the credit being offered to first-time homeowners.

September 29th: We meet with the financier Jonathan used when he bought his house. The guy’s name is Chris Hutchens, and he is extremely nice and helpful, patiently walking us through the process so we can understand it. He recommends that to be safe, we need to have found a house by October 15th and be closing by November 15th. And so, we have 16 days to look.

October 2nd: After some quick phone calls and awesome planning by our friend and realtor, Frankie Pierson, we begin our house hunt. It’s a drizzly day. We search for homes that are located near the church for 5 hrs. I love the location of them and the fireplaces in the majority of them. Mike is more hesitant, preferring neighborhoods with a more community feel, newer homes, and preferably a pool. (Okay, I want the pool too!) We find a home I love and he likes, but it’s pricey.

October 5th: More house hunting, this time in Leland area. More rain. Mike loves the idea of being outside Wilmington, the developments, the new homes – the pools. I feel more isolated the farther out we go. Oh, and no fireplaces. (Why do these little things suddenly seem so important?) We find a home Mike loves, but it’s way too far out for me. He has to leave for Catalyst in a day, so we have a day to decide if we want to sign a contract.

October 6th: I’m praying my little heart out that some sort of solution will present itself. Pricey home ends up remaining too pricey, so it’s out. We’re down to the wire. Oh, and it’s still raining. Then, at 1pm, Frankie calls. A house with a floorplan we loved in a community we loved that had all the quirks we both wanted is available. We had disregarded it because it is still being built, and they didn’t know if it would be done in time. They have met with the builders and it is now promised to be finished. We go to see the home, hopes rising. Hopes dashed when another potential buyer is already on location looking at it. We have nothing to do but wait – and the potential buyer signs the papers. We meet with the agent afterward and he suggests that we put down a counteroffer, just in case. Why not? We do. Oh, and we pick colors for the siding and counters just in case we get it. Which feels weird. Even find out that they have some door handles we love, so we throw those into the mix.

October 7th: Mike leaves for Catalyst. I’m the one supposed to receive “THE phone call.” Yikes. During staff meeting Mike calls. When I don’t answer, he texts, “call me. get out of staff mtg.” I know mine is the phone expecting THE call, so my paranoia sets in thinking there’s been a car accident or something. I call him and the first thing he says is, “Well, they’ll throw in the door handles for free.” My first thought: We got the house..?! My second, more pessimistic-trying-to-be-realistic-and-not-hopeful thought: We didn’t get the house, and they feel bad, so they’re throwing in door handles for when we DO build. (We had already decided we wanted this floorplan so even if we didn’t get this house, we’d get the same one but without the credit that’s being offered. And we’d have to wait 3 months.)
My response to Mike after these thoughts: “What does that mean?”
…”We got the house.”

WHOOOO!! Praise the Lord!!

In less than a week, we went from looking to finding. Since then, we’ve met with the financier, received our appraisal, and the weather has been beautiful for those wonderful builders. God has been so good and has provided in so many ways. Not only do we have a home, but He has secured us in a financial way despite the fact that we are currently having to pay for a mortgage and rent. Through budgeting (my favorite) we have seen God’s provision and seen that He has made it possible for us to pay both. Doesn’t seem like the best case scenario (paying for an empty apartment is not fun to think about), but even THAT ended up turning into an opportunity to help someone out. It’s not up to me to explain – just know there is a reason God encourages us to be generous: It’s all His anyway and still He gives us so much joy through giving! So we have seen God work in many creative ways these past few weeks, using difficulties for good and providing for us and through us for others. He is so good!

I think of the name Abraham gave to the place where God provided a ram in place of his son as a sacrifice on the mountain – he called it, “Yahweh Yireh”. The Lord will provide.

Take a look into our “Yahweh Yireh”: