It’s closing day for the Paschal family!!

Today, we are signing all the paperwork to officially own our home. We will be doing a final walk-through at 9, we’ll close at 10, at 3:30 some manly men friends are coming to our apartment to clear the place of furniture, and I’ll finish packing tonight. Hopefully. Saturday is the box-moving day, which will probably take all of 30 minutes. A tiny apartment is the best way to encourage less accumulation of “stuff.”

I am so, so very excited about our adorable little home. I’ll try to put pictures up soon. They knocked the place out so quickly, and the weather was so cooperative. I can’t believe it’s ours. I’m excited to get away from thin walls shared with strangers, having to consider landlords in all home decisions, and our demanding neighbor. I’m excited to have a yard for Linus, a fireplace for me, and a neighborhood community for Mike. I love that every little gadget in the home is ours. Isn’t that strange? Toilets. Mirrors. Fans. Windows. Doors. Doorknobs. Cabinets. Garage door openers. Suddenly these objects are just magical in my eyes, because they belong to us.

Last night we spent the last night in our apartment, per my request. One big difference between Mike and me – and perhaps between men and women as well, but I won’t try to generalize – is that Mike basically loves looking forward and I love looking back. He’s ready to move into the new home the moment those silver keys hit his hands. I want one last night in our apartment to pay the place its proper respects and to relish in the memories that it has brought us as our first home as a married couple. It was nice to be in our own bed for the final night, though we had to skip out staying at Jonathan’s like we thought we would and therefore missed relishing in the last night at his house, which was Monday.

I have had no attention span for work this week. Thankfully, it’s slow for us at the moment, but I still feel antsy. We have things to pack, trash to clear out, and an apartment to which we’re preparing to say goodbye. We have a football game to attend, a moving day to oversee in our new home, family to love on, and relaxation calling our names in this next holiday/vacation week. I’m nostalgic and optimistic, but for now in this present moment I am thoroughly enjoying the mere anticipation of it all.