…and so little time. There’s a new home, how long it took to unpack and the amazing people who helped, Thanksgiving vacation, the woes of Linus and his learning to live life without manhood (doesn’t stop him from acting inappropriate, unfortunately), decorating for Christmas, CHRISTMAS TIME!!, and our upcoming vacation.


I will be able to share it with you in 24 days, or 25, depending on unknown variables. It is a grand secret, and I cannot wait to share all the details of how it came about. My one and only hint: I. am. NOT. pregnant.

So don’t even go there.


For now, I’d like to reflect, in light of this reflective time of year. There are now “twitter clouds” which allow me to see which words were most prominent in my twitter life this past year. I thought I’d share:

I wish I could do something like this with my journal entries! I’m also amused by the fact that “getting” made it on the list of prominent words. I didn’t think I “got” that much, but I suppose the word suggests that the “get” is in process. Now the word has no meaning in my mind, so I’m moving on… back to work!