Our dog, Linus, is a serious napper. He can be wild and crazy a lot of the time, but once he calms down, he acts like he’s 93 years old. He becomes quite slow and sluggish. He also gets restless… He’ll fall asleep on the floor, back legs sprawled out behind him. Then he’ll drag himself to the couch and slowly, oh so slowly, pull himself into a sitting position. There will be a moment of filled with resignation, and then he will slowly (yes, still slowly) launch himself onto that side of the couch. He’ll settle for a bit, then wake up and flop over to the other side of the couch. A few minutes more, and he’ll ease himself off the couch by his front legs first, sit there for a moment as though paralyzed with his back legs still stuck on the cushion, then finally slide his back legs off as well. I don’t think the hind legs even bother to catch their footing, and after a *plop* Linus uses front legs only to stretch his body out, yet again, as far as it will go. He does this little “nap dance” around the Living Room three to four times over the span of an hour.

Linus hitting the couch during his “rounds”. Sprawled, tongue hanging out… lazy.

At nap time, Linus also becomes extremely bossy. Suddenly, every piece of lounging furniture in our house is his and if you are sitting on any said piece, he comes and sits in front of you, giving you a mournful gaze to try and get you to crack under pressure. I constantly have to explain to guests that when Linus is looking at them, he’s not trying to be sweet. He’s trying to control their minds so that they’ll get out of “his” seat. Once they do, he’s up like a flash, grateful for the sudden vacancy that provides a comfortable and conveniently preheated spot. Unfortunately, we only have a recliner and a couch in our Living Room, and so when Li finishes his couch squatting and is ready for some recliner resting and then finds Mike occupying it, the mournful eyes come out. Luckily, we have another chair he’s become fond of that sat in our third bedroom. Today, I think it’s become a permanent addition to our Living Room, as it allows us all room to lounge:

I hope your day is as restful as ours!