It’s Valentine’s Day, and I am sitting on my couch with the dog, cuddled up under blankets, budgeting, and preparing to watch The Notebook.

Mike is in Atlanta for a couple days, which means that I’m spending today alone. But that’s really okay for me. I’m very proud of him, as he’s getting ideas on ways to improve the way we do production at Port City Church, as well as introducing his soon-to-be intern to different methods and approaches to doing production.

Before he left for Atlanta, though, we got to spend a couple days away at a marriage retreat. The time was so refreshing, relaxing with Mike away from normal life and also hearing talks that helped us to regain the right focus on marriage. It helped me to remember so much of what I love about Mike. Can I brag on him today? I think it’s only appropriate. I value so many things about this man, but since the list can go on and on with the details of what I love about him, I’ll just go through five things I value about him that kept coming to mind this particular weekend.

1) I value Mike’s work ethic. He works very hard and is determined to be the best he can be in all that he does. Whether it be in his walk with God, or in our marriage; at his job, or with valuing family and friends, he seeks to learn and improve and invest time in what’s important to him. He doesn’t get in the mindset of giving up when things are difficult. He just keeps going, keeps working hard.

2) I value Mike’s passion. I love the way his eyes light up when he talks about something he loves, and the way he gets so enthusiastic and energetic when he’s excited about something!

3) I value Mike’s love. The first moment I met him, before I could have ever imagined that I’d spend my life with him, I remember being surprised at how vividly patient and kind he was. I realized later that those two qualities are the first two mentioned in the bible when referring to aspects of love, and as I continue down the list of love’s traits I see Mike reflect each of them, with patience and kindness being at the forefront.

4) I value Mike’s trustworthiness. In a world where we see increasing infidelity and lack of trust in marriage, it is such a blessing to know that Mike is just naturally so trustworthy. I have trouble trusting people for the most part, but Mike is a rare breed who is straightforward and simple and easy to read because he has no reason or desire to hide anything (which makes surprises near impossible). It’s a quality God must have known I would need in my husband when I didn’t even know myself that I would need it.

5) I value Mike’s relaxed and fun nature. Life is easier with him – not much drama can withstand his presence. He loves to be goofy, to break tension with silly humor, and to make me laugh with his little quips that he immediately explains after he makes them. Life is just fun with Mike! (Oh, and I will throw in one more thing about Mike that I value – his looks!! 🙂 The man is just ridiculously hot.)

So, those are things that I remember with a smile today, as my Valentine spends time in Atlanta and I spend time alone at home, enjoying the company of Linus as we experience the brilliance of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams together on-screen.

Happy Valentine’s day, Michael – I love you and I miss you!