9:00 service has begun, and music from the main auditorium is floating into my Living Room where all my work “stuff” is planted. I love the solitude and the faint sounds of church happening, relationships growing, and hopefully, lives changing.

It’s a stormy morning here in ILM. Each time the lightning flashes, I pull my computer cord out of my computer so as not to get electrocuted, only to remember as the thunder rolls in that it’s the lightning itself that would cause any problems, and if I’ve seen its flash and am still typing, I’m probably safe. Ah, another sound of thunder… it seems to be rolling lazily through the sky today. Almost like the sky is grumbling, which I would probably do every morning if I was the sky and had to be woken up by the sun so early. 🙂

This weekend has been extremely eventful, filled with wedding festivities for my sweet friend and old roommate, Kristen. She was radiant and absolutely glowed on her big day yesterday, and her now-husband Cam was enthralled by her. I’ve never seen a man so openly captivated by his bride, which is what Jesse (the pastor) said a man should feel about his wife according to the bible. Captivated, or intoxicated. As Jesse read out bits of the vows for Cam to repeat to Kris, Cam stumbled over the first couple of phrases, as though he had not heard Jesse at all. The second time, as we all laughed, Cam shrugged with a huge grin on his face and apologetically explained, “I’m just intoxicated, I guess.”

It was a wonderful day, filled with sweet moments and lots of laughs, celebrating, and dancing. Today, I grumble with the sky about my sore feet, heavy eyes, and aching body, but the memories of the weekend are enough to keep a smile on my face. Congratulations, Kris and Cam – may you love each other for who you are, push each other to who you could be, enjoy each other thoroughly, and may God be glorified by your union.