The first trailer has been released for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies – yes, movies. For those who feel no inclination to follow HP, they have decided to split the 7th book into two movies. When you are dragged to the theater with your HP-obsessed friend at midnight this November and are forced to stay awake listening to her commentary throughout, do not be alarmed when the movie ends on a cliff-hanger. Be alarmed instead at the fact that you WILL endure yet another long night with said obsessed friend to see how everything turns out.

That is, you will if you truly, truly, love your dear friend enough to accompany her. Again. 🙂

I am giddy with excitement over this first trailer, and chuckle at the “convenient” timing of the release – just in time to allow me to lose interest in the release of the third Twilight movie tomorrow night. Twilight can never be the brilliance that is Harry Potter.

And so…

My play-by-play of thoughts during the trailer:
Thought #1: I love you, WB, for making me this giddy on a Monday.
Thought #2: I still have to say it, though – I will always love the books more. Just a disclaimer.
Thought #3: Wow, really? First cameo is You-Know-Who himself? Interesting. Especially since this won’t be seen till the second movie.
Thought #4: Dang, way to show the end at the beginning.
Thought #5: Gringotts! Good Bellatrix! Ollivander! Hagrid! Sirius’ bike!!
Thought #6: Don’t remember the globe of fire around Hogwarts. Must reread Book 7 for verification of this.
Thought #7: I know we don’t see the Hogwarts Express in the book… hope this doesn’t turn into another Weasley house-burning like movie six. Still, for nostalgic purposes, so exciting. 🙂
Thought #8: Yay! Ron looking tough in a scene with Hermione!
Thought #9: Boo… scene of Ron looking terrified. Though considering what he goes through, it’s valid.
Thought #10: When the heck is Voldemort holding Harry by the face saying some memorable line? Soo not canon. But very epic and memorable. “Why do you live?” “Because I have something worth living for.” Whoop!
Thought #12: Jasara hates multiple punctuation, and therefore, I predict she’ll hate thought #11. No time to dwell on that now!
Thought #13: Part 1 is a little over four months away!
Thought #14: Who is Nagini attacking?? Pause…Play! Pause…Play! Pause…Play! Pause… (15 pause-plays later…) It’s Harry in a child’s bedroom. Should be in the woman’s-name-I-can’t-remember’s attic. Perhaps that attic was lightly colored and filled with toys. But I certainly don’t remember it that way.
Thought #15: Yes! Ron’s moment of triumph!
Thought #16: YES!! Harry and Ginny kiss in what looks like a much better moment than the book!! (I know, how could there be ANY movie moment that is better than the book? When I see it, I’ll know for sure.)
Thought #17: The ending music sounds like Harry Potter theme music turned Dracula. Still epic. 🙂
Thought #18: Of course it had to be in 3-D. Not my favorite -D, to be honest. I’m an old-fashioned 2-D girl. Thankfully, in the fine print, it lets us know that it will also be offered in 2-D.
Thought #19: Who will accompany me to see these showings and endure my commentary throughout?? Please please please!!

To enjoy the trailer now that you’ve heard all my thoughts in advance and therefore don’t have to endure them throughout (like you will at the movies, believe me, but it will show that you love me to endure it), watch it here:
(**If it’s acting slow, just let it load completely, then watch it. That way the glory won’t be halted for buffering every two seconds.)