Things I feel inspired to do these days…

– Immerse myself in more spanish (reading and speaking) so as to become comfortable with it.
– Paint. Every day.
– Read more crafty magazines to build an eye for designing, decorating, and turning ordinary objects into functional or beautiful additions to the home.
– Take pictures again. Not to be professional, but to document life – events and everyday – as I used to do.
– Devour multiple books weekly.
– Dance, at least once a week, until I break out in a sweat from it.
– Not bother folding my laundry, but instead place the laundry basket full of clean clothes in my closet, thereby allowing the basket to be emptied slowly as clothes are used and removing the “middle man” of folding and putting away.
– Watch less TV and play more games with friends.

And, if I had it my way, as was the case today my day would look like this every day: waking up around 9 in the morning, leisurely running a few essential errands until 2:45, napping until 5:15, eating dinner, and then working on projects until late into the night. I enjoy leisurely days and inspired, productive nights.